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Asahi Refining president, Grant Angwin, discusses business growth and expanded reach with the South China Morning Post

November 14.17


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With nearly two centuries of industry experience complemented by a culture of innovation, Asahi Refining belongs to the top echelons of the world’s precious metals refineries.

Created from the union of Japanese conglomerate Asahi Holdings and the gold and silver refining business of London-based Johnson Matthey in March 2015, Asahi Refining stands as a leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining and bullion products whose diverse expertise now spans the globe.

Asahi Refining nurtures long-standing relationships with major gold and silver producers, along with the world’s largest financial institutions, recyclers and distributors. It continues to meet and surpass client expectations by providing a comprehensive and customisable range of service solutions, from assaying and refining to logistics and financing.

With refineries and offices on three continents – in Salt Lake City, Toronto, Tokyo, Mexico City and Santiago in Chile, Asahi Refining offers timely and affordable precious metals processing to its global customers.

We serve as a one-stop shop for precious metals … and more of our production reaches the consumer markets of China, India and Southeast AsiaGRANT ANGWIN, PRESIDENT, ASAHI HOLDINGS

“We serve as a one-stop shop for precious metals,” says Grant Angwin, president. “Having a very strong balance sheet as a public company and a highly experienced and innovative team allows Asahi to provide its customers a seamless service, from logistics, refining, trading and financing.”

Asahi Refining fabricates a range of cast and minted gold and silver bars, which are certified by the London Bullion Market Association as Good Delivery bars – a highly sought-after distinction in the industry. It also processes scrap gold and silver from Asia into Good Delivery and retail investment bullion bars. The COMEX and Tokyo Commodity Exchange, two prominent commodity futures exchanges, list Asahi Refining for gold and silver deliverables.

“Our traditional core markets are North and South America, but now with a Japanese parent, we have more activity coming from Asia,” Angwin says. “Opportunities for growth abound in the region as more and more of our production reaches the consumer markets of China, India and Southeast Asia.”





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