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Asahi Refining Releases Product Line Featuring American Sourced Silver

February 24.20

Asahi Refining is proud to announce the release of a new product line, American Reserve Fine Silver Bullion. American Reserve bullion features fine silver that has been mined, refined, and made into investment grade products all within the USA allowing for it to be identified as “Made in America”.

“Silver has played a major historical role in development, investment and expansion in the United States. The American Reserve bullion line gives investors and collectors the unique opportunity to hold silver which is exclusively from sources within the USA.” explains David Dorris, Global Business Development Manager at Asahi Refining.

The initial line of American Reserve includes a 1oz round, 10oz bar, and 100oz bar. The front of the American Reserve bullion will feature an interlaced AR logo. All products bearing this mark will contain only silver which has been mined and refined in the United States. The reverse side of the 1oz and 10oz denominations proudly display the iconic American Bald Eagle.

Each 100 oz silver bar comes wrapped in an assay certification band that features the purity, weight, certified assayer signature, and a graphic of the United States signifying the origin.

To find out more about American Reserve please visit www.americanreservebullion.com, or click here.

About American Reserve

American Reserve Fine Silver Bullion, produced by Asahi Refining USA, features fine silver bullion that has been mined and made in America. It is a product of dedicated batch refining from Asahi Refining USA, a London Good Delivery refiner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Inc., is a leading precious metal refiner, trader, and bullion product manufacturer. The company maintains London good delivery refineries in the USA, Canada and Japan and serves a global client base from the mining, recycling, banking and bullion trading industries. Find out more at www.asahirefining.com.