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Asahi Refining Appoints Kazunori Yamabe as President of Asahi Refining Florida

March 07.19

It is with pleasure that Asahi Refining announces the appointment of Kazunori Yamabe as President of Asahi Refining Florida (ARF). ARF, the newest addition to Asahi Refining and a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Group, has capabilities in gold refining, silver refining, and minting.

As President, Dr. Yamabe will lead the management team at the ARF facility to turn the location into a key producer and provider of minted precious metals products and refining services for Asahi Refining and the precious metals industry.

“I am honored by the confidence Asahi Refining, a company with a rich history in technical expertise, has placed in me and my abilities to lead Asahi Refining Florida. I look forward to working with our team to cultivate long-term growth and success at our facility.”, explains Dr. Yamabe about leading ARF.

Dr. Yamabe enters the position with intimate knowledge of precious metals and operations management. Prior to assuming the position of President, Dr. Yamabe had been a member of Asahi Holdings Group since 2005. Due to his successes, he has risen in ranks from his original position, as Manager of Research and Development for Asahi Pretec Corp., to his most recent position as Chief Technical Officer for both Asahi Refining USA and Canada. During this period, Dr. Yamabe has made key contributions to the success of Asahi Refining including the optimization of existing refining operations, and the investigation and coordination of onboarding new processes and facilities.

Prior to working with Asahi Holdings, Dr. Yamabe worked as an Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kumatomo University. It was also at Kumatomo University that Dr. Yamabe earned his Ph.D. in Advanced Industrial Science in 2001.

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Inc., is a leading precious metal refiner, trader, and bullion product manufacturer. The company maintains London good delivery refineries in the USA and Canada and serves a global client base from the mining, recycling, banking and bullion trading industries. Find out more at www.asahirefining.com.

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