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ARE Holdings Releases Integrated Report for 2023

October 12.23

Asahi Refining is pleased to announce the release of the 2023 Integrated Report by its parent company, ARE Holdings. This comprehensive report provides insights into the performance of the company’s diverse business operations over the past year and outlines its vision for the future.

Key highlights of the report include a detailed analysis of financial results, sustainability initiatives, strategic achievements, and the company’s commitment to innovation and growth.

For the complete ARE Integrated Report 2023, please click here.

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, a wholly owned subsidiary of ARE Holdings Inc., is a leading precious metal refiner, trader, and bullion product manufacturer. The company maintains London Good Delivery refineries in the USA and Canada and serves a global client base from the mining, recycling, banking and bullion trading industries. Find out more at www.asahirefining.com.