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Asahi Refining Launches First Gold Product Manufactured at Its Florida Mint

December 15.20

Asahi Refining is pleased to reveal a refreshed 1 oz gold bar now available for distribution. The 1 oz gold bar is the first in what will be a series of minted gold products to be released by Asahi Refining over the next several months.

“The new 1oz gold bar gives consumers’ greater access to gold products manufactured in the United States which are certified by an LBMA good delivery refiner.” says David Dorris, Global Business Development Manager at Asahi Refining.

The reverse proof 1 oz gold bar comes sealed and serialized in tamper evident packaging with a certificate of assay. The front of the certificate features the Asahi Refining logo debossed with gold foil. The back proudly displays Asahi Refining’s quality mark, also debossed with gold foil. Beneath the quality mark are the bar’s weight, purity, as well as a signature signifying Asahi Refining’s backing of the gold bars purity and quality.

The 1 oz gold bar can be viewed by visiting www.asahirefining.com/minted-products, or by clicking here.

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Inc., is a leading precious metal refiner, trader, and bullion product manufacturer. The company maintains London good delivery refineries in the USA, Canada and Japan and serves a global client base from the mining, recycling, banking and bullion trading industries. Find out more at www.asahirefining.com.

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