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Asahi Refining Adds Gold to American Sourced Product Line

November 02.22

Asahi Refining is proud to announce the release of the American Reserve 1oz Gold Bar. The new product marks the expansion of the American Reserve product line which features fine gold and silver mined, refined and fabricated into investment grade products all within the United States of America. Its provenance allows it to be identified as truly “Made in the USA”.

“Gold has played a defining role in the development of the United States seen directly in Westward expansion and the pursuit of the American dream. The American Reserve Gold bar embodies those sentiments and captures the American spirit of ingenuity and values that are engrained in the bedrock of the United States.” says Matt Pragg, Commercial Manager of Asahi Refining North America.

With the new release, the American Reserve product line includes a 1oz silver round, 10oz silver bar, 100oz silver bar, and now, a 1oz gold bar. The gold bar comes sealed in tamper evident packaging accompanied by a certificate of assay. The front of the bar features the interlaced AR logo. All products bearing this mark contains only gold or silver which has been mined and refined in the United States. The reverse side of the bar proudly displays the iconic American Bald Eagle, sitting in front of the mountain ranges of the American West. A unique identifying number will be engraved on the front of each gold bar.

To find out more about American Reserve please visit www.americanreservebullion.com,  or  click here.

About American Reserve

American Reserve Fine Gold and Silver Bullion, produced by Asahi Refining USA, features fine gold and silver that has been mined and made in America. It is a product of dedicated batch refining from Asahi Refining USA, a London Good Delivery refiner in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Holdings Inc., is a leading precious metal refiner, trader, and bullion product manufacturer. The company maintains London good delivery refineries in the USA, Canada and Japan and serves a global client base from the mining, recycling, banking and bullion trading industries. Find out more at www.asahirefining.com.

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